About us

We started Pokéd in 2015 and have loved every minute of the last five years. Our business has grown to multiple shops and more than 90 wonderful team members that make up our Poked ohana. But we never once thought we'd have to fight for our company because of a global pandemic. COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on our business already, and this is our last ditch attempt at finding a way to stay afloat. We want you to know that all of your purchases will go towards helping keep our ohana and the wider hospitality industry stay employed. 

We'll be opening our Mart to our friends and colleagues that run other hospitality businesses to help them find ways to connect with the community during this difficult time. 
Why are we starting this service?
The hospitality industry in Melbourne is under an unprecedented threat and while social distancing measures are necessary, they have put our restaurants and cafes in danger. This crisis has affected every part of our business from our suppliers to our staff. We are currently working tirelessly to increase revenue and awareness for your favourite restaurants and cafes to help each other stay afloat. 
Please spread the word and help pitch in to save Melbourne's hospitality industry.  
How do we ensure our food is safe?
All of our staff comply with the strictest health and safety standards to ensure sanitary working conditions. Staff members and drivers also have their temperatures checked, and are only allowed to work if they have no current symptoms or contact with people with symptoms. We train each staff member on touchless packaging and handling of orders to minimise unnecessary contact.